• Jul 02 Sun 2006 09:17
  • Beach

Hot Sun, Cool water.......It's first time to go to the beach this summer

Also first time to surf, it lets me recall the windsail we played in Guam 2003.

Summer...sun, beach, volleyball, muisc and bikini...

Wow .amazing ...

but don't forget something....black black black....
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  • Winni
  • Wonderful 8years

    I am sorry to reply you lately.
    This homepage always has something wrong in the important time. (OK...I know it's my problem)
    I would like to thank you took my hand go through 8 years.
    I never think about that we can behind each other for such long time.
    I am really luchy to have you.
    Time and people who appeared in our life changed us.
    Also our love. Our love becomes stronger and stronger.
    Will you take my hand and go to the 9th year or even longer?