Winni's very lucky for me to meet you when I was a college student.
Today is a day which we know each other for eight years, unbelievable right? 

You let me realize how nice you are and love so deep. Japan, take care yourself and keep good mood.'s possible to own what we want and to enjoy it.

Wish you have a nice day...a special day for us!
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  • Winni
  • Wonderful 8years

    I am sorry to reply you lately.
    This homepage always has something wrong in the important time. (OK...I know it's my problem)
    I would like to thank you took my hand go through 8 years.
    I never think about that we can behind each other for such long time.
    I am really luchy to have you.
    Time and people who appeared in our life changed us.
    Also our love. Our love becomes stronger and stronger.
    Will you take my hand and go to the 9th year or even longer?
  • Jiang
  • also for you

    of course! I will be anywhere for you no matter how many years.
    you're right! everything we've faced together made us connect each other tightly. what I wanna say is the space of my left hand will be for your right hand 4ever. Also I have to thank you again for those you did for me.