One crazy afternoon is coming when 4 big boys on the fifth floor of Sogo.
Once one year, Sogo anniversary celebration.

For this reason it will be our fault if we would't go there and join it.
This time Ryan definitely is the best actor among 4 guys because of buying the 3 Timberland shirts and 1 Sprit coat which are very pretty.

Before going to Sogo, Shey said he wouldn't let any invoice exist in his hand. But eventually he still broke his promise due to Jay style cool coat.

Mentioning our basketball star Chris who had made a lot of survey on fashion concept, he planned to find some decorations on his neck such like neckerchiefs and necklaces for a long time and finally he made it happened.

How about me? I only picked four Elle sox for my big feet.

After celebrating for Sogo, we directly went home and watch the champion game (La New VS. Nipponham).

Althought they played not bad, the final result made us feel unsatisfied because we lost the champion again.
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